Ready to Know About Baby Compare?

About Babycompare 

Real and honest reviews given by parents for parents.

Babycompare researches millions of products and thousands of retailers so you don’t have to. We sift through the numerous possibilities out there and refine the list in seconds to find what’s exactly right for you. We bring you the best of the high street: the names, the choice, the bargains. We combine this with the convenience of the Internet: instant results, customer reviews, like-for-like comparisons.

We will have access to thousands of trusted brands such as Mamas&Papas, Mothercare and Silvercross, alongside retailers like John Lewis, Argos and Tesco, and websites like Amazon, and to bring the best deals directly to you.

So find what you are looking for, check out the reviews and best of all: Compare the prices to make sure you don’t end up paying a penny more than what you should.


About Babycompare rewards

“Purchase your next buy using your opinion”

Opinions. We all have them and often our experience with certain products can help other parents make the right choice for their little one.

That is why we want to hear all about it and offer your rewards for it in return.

For each (valid) review written you will be rewarded with reward credits which you can use to redeem vouchers and /or products from our rewards catalogue.


Is Babycompare a shop?

No, we are not a shop. We are a price comparison shopping website. We help you to get the best deals, by comparing the prices of retailers for you. We research millions of products and thousands of suppliers so you don’t have to.

What is included in the price displayed?

Suppliers on our site are required to display the cost of the item and any postage and packaging costs (P&P costs) separately. Prices displayed include any applicable taxes and fees.

Does Babycompare search all retailers on the web?

No. Efficiently comparing prices from all shops on the web would be very difficult. Instead, we work with a wide range of retailers.